LS Eletromecanica S.A is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of the agro-industrial sector through constant technological innovation applied since the last decade of the twentieth century. From the beginning, patterns of Customer Service, Behavior, Accountability, Professionalism and outlined by its founder Labor have been incorporated throughout the organization as a set of ethical standards that have made LS Electromechanical SA a company distinguished by its high concept in the Services, Quality, technological upgrading and development of Human Capital. This means we are abreast of applications and technologies.


  • Human Resources

    The Management understands that if there was a resource that is outstanding until now, that is the Human.

    One of the main working conditions in our activity is the constant interaction between staff of different levels of our organization, customers, staff customers, suppliers and other related in one way or another. Therefore, it is a priority that each of those components of the organization, whatever their level, to ensure maintaining these relationships in excellent condition, appearing correctly, treating others with respect, and integrity. All activities that are developed, should generate value and Encouragement, demanding proactive, to achieve growth and Professional and Personal Development. We establish as one of the main pillars for achieving objectives, Knowledge, so work on the professionalization of our practices, generating growth opportunities for those involved, implement lifelong training, and claiming every day, to knowledge, as the main resource development.

  • Health and Safety

    Besides being our liability, is and will be prime condition, developing Safely jobs and safeguarding the Environment. To achieve this goal, we work constantly Training, Awareness and Culturising of our staff on issues and practices to ensure compliance with these premises. Whenever you perform a task, shall be deemed an essential step, the corresponding risk analysis and a plan that includes actions and ways to minimize them, achieving such purpose, that the work is performed without accidents is effected both for people and for goods. The commitment is to implement the Necessary means for the application of learning, this objective is met. Promote and monitor the rational use of materials, supplies, energy and all kinds of resources we should manage. This effort is reflected in the following:

    LS ELECTROMECANICA SA Meets and certifies to the level 3 of the National Law Work Risk No. 24557, Chapter II, Articles No. 2, 3 and 4 on the compliance of Health and Safety at Work, awarded by Prevention ART the January 28, 2005.

    Note: Level 3 is the highest in Argentina.

  • Quality

    The premise of quality work under the concept of "Continuous Improvement", was and will be one of our main challenges.

    We plan, made according to this Planning, verify the effectiveness of achievements and promote improvement action for our next opportunity, along with mechanisms to maintain effective control and management systems Quality. We must keep alive the plan Improvement day after day, looking not only be Effective, but to achieve greater efficiency and thus not only deliver the best product but also be more competitive. Always be attentive to the needs of customers in quality requirements is one of our biggest challenges, compromising not only our resources, but also to our suppliers and partners to accomplish the task.

  • Commercial

    It is the duty of each of us, to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients.

    For this it is necessary to ensure that the guidelines are clear, fulfilling contracts, even with the agreements made verbally. Our commitment to Sales Volume is not only achieve but limit the promises in stages of negotiation, thus avoiding disappointment Client unable to deliver what we promised. We know it is not easy, especially when competing, but we also understand that it is one of the main reasons for breaking with Customers. Acting correctly and best practices in the acquisition and purchase of goods and services, to obtain a Finished Product Committed quality. Develop reliable suppliers who share our policy and join us in fulfilling our commitments.


"Adding value" in the development of technological goods and services with a focus on commitment, innovation and quality, generating operations that contribute to the sustained growth of the organization and its related.


Lead in 2020 the market for solutions in seed and legumes treatment and process in our region.


Commitment: In our management with all stakeholders.

Innovation: Technological and operational.

Quality processes and relationships.

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