In all activities, things can make achieving different levels of quality: Bad, Regular, Good, Very Good and Excellent. When the target is the level Excellent, is when companies should not neglect any details, any event of lower level, leave us no chance of achieving excellence.


We then need to understand that there are several factors that help us achieve Excellent Quality Seeds:

1 - Gene Technology.

2 - Care crop production stages.

3 - Processes conditioning, storage, sorting and treatment.

4 - Quality Control and Traceability.


In Silomax / LS equation S.A. Electromechanical the market to find the best solution to points 3 and 4, with the help of Engineering, Equipment and specific Implementation for the seed sector and when plants are automated working on the dual objective of Operation and data collection for Quality and traceability.

Pioneering research and development of technology for the manufacture of drying, sorting, grading, transportation and storage of seed team.

Factory equipment for conditioning, classification and storage of seeds and grains. Origin: Brazil.

Thiele Technologies combines excellence and innovation in the design and implementation of technology packaging equipment. With over 70 years of service.

Packaging and Palletizing Systems. Origin: USA.

Products Factory medium and low voltage, meeting the highest international standards of quality and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Modicoms PLC applications. Origin: France.

ÉIt is a group of agricultural industries, which was created in order to be more representative weight within the industrial activity in the area.

The main objective is to assist the development of partnerships to enhance the quality and capacity of enterprises.

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