Model LS-B18 Treater

The batch or batch seed treatment / inoculators / curators, model LS-B18, are designed to treat a wide variety of seeds such as soybeans, wheat, corn, barley, peanuts, rapeseed, among others, with treatments of 150 kg per batch. (soybeans), at a time of 30 sec, between loading the centrifuge, applying fluid, homogenizing and unloading; then a nominal performance of 18 Tn / h is established.

  • Model LS-B18



The degree of automation of this equipment gives it great accuracy in the dosing of liquids and powders, providing precise control over dose and consumption.

This equipment is offered with up to six liquid and two powder dispensers. The seed is discharged from an upper hopper with two programmable cuts that feed a balance to the required weight. Depending on that weight, the self-correction is applied in the dosing of liquids and powders of each batch. The liquids are driven by peristaltic pumps and sprayed on the seed inside the homogenizing drum, to obtain a more uniform mixture without damaging the seed and thus achieving an optimal treatment.

The heart of the LS-B18 seed processor is the mixing chamber, which consists of a cylindrical stainless steel housing with a rotating bottom or internal rotor. The seed is dropped gently from the electronic balance in the chamber onto the rotor. This rotor moves the seed gently through the side wall of the chamber causing a folding of seed towards the outer wall. On a plate, sprinkler, in the center of the chamber receives and spreads the materials that are delivered from the PLC-controlled liquid dosing system.

The batch centrifugation system allows us a more uniform mixture without damaging the seed and in combination with the Spray system and the dosage of liquids by means of peristaltic pumps allows us to make, in addition to the multilayer treatment with seed coating, the application of broths containing various inputs, macro and micro nutrients, fungicides, insecticides, growth promoters, hydrophobic products, mobs, powders, polymers, etc. This provides a uniform and intensive application in professional seed treatments.

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