Empresas do agronegócio joins campanha for the use of sementes industrial treatment

The Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Sementes de Soja (ABRASS) in partnership with companies from the sector Bayer, BASF, Corteva Agriscience™ and Syngenta
lançaram to campanha TSI em Campo. The objective of the campaign is to promote or use the industrial treatment of seeds, such as care
It is essential and necessary from the seeding and the constant search for two farmers for sustainable production and profitability.

Ao opt for the industrial treatment of seeds (TSI), or farmer ganha efficiency not process. O TSI provides less mechanical damage to the mind,
of adequate product and uniform coverage. O rural producer ganha em plantabilidade e eficiência no plantaio, além de ganhar agilidade com semente
prompt no seeding time. According to the producer and President of the Brazilian Association of Two Producers
de Sementes de Soja - ABRASS, Tiago Garcia Taques da Fonseca, or use of the TSI guarantor of the development of the plantation. “O TSI traced to the farmer the benefits observed mainly at the time of planting in the initial phase of the crops. The defensive and inoculant products of the industrial treatment of semente are the result of numerous and extensive studies that have based on your records of small companies. São produtos that têm demonstrated excellent performance, ”he says. Two years later, this type of treatment has become the most non-soybean market. Close to 40% in the soybean area of the country and treated in an industrial way, second to Business Intelligence Panel (BIP) research, from Spark Consultoria. Or TSI offers protection not only and contributed to the quality and profitability of the company, avoiding waste. "Or use of proper equipment, structure, equipment prepared technique, investments and treins fazem a diferença nesse processo. The companies supplying soybean crops carry out their operations of
industrial sector treatment as a volume control, by means of analyzes of the last generation ”, ressalta Tiago. A school or industrial treatment, or a farmer with significant advantages, as an efficiency in a fairly initial phase of cultivation, which is extremely critical, as well as having an allied strength against pragas and doenças since or beginning of the cycle.

Vantagens do TSI
Praticidade e conveniência: semente ready to come, facilidade
of operation and reduction of time of work.

Segurança: Reduction of manuseio and exposure to non-field products.
Protection: uniform distribution of the product in the same dose, reduction of plant loss and uniformity of the plant.
Technology: Dosages applied with precision, rigorous compatibility tests and safety with the high yield of two polymers.

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Conheça mais on a campanha TSI em Campo e as companies that fazem part gives initiative

To campanha TSI em Campo It is an initiative that drew relevant content to draw dúvidas of the farmer and clarify the advantages of the industrial treatment of crops. At the initiative and led by the Associação Brasileira two Produtores de Sementes de Soja (ABRASS - in partnership with the agribusiness companies Bayer (, BASF (, Corteva Agriscience™ ( and Syngenta ( and To know more about companha TSI em Campo access e saiba tudo about or industrial treatment of seeds.