Special elevators for seeds, Norias, belts and pneumatic transport.

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ANDspecial lifters for seeds, with capacities ranging from 10 to 120 ton / h.
Low speed; separation between bucket and belt; access door to standing cleaning.
Powered by electric geared motors; folded sheet metal trousers;
plastic buckets; with traction equipment; maintenance platform with
access ladder and guard man.
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Material conveyor belts
solid with capacities ranging from
the 10 ton / h to 120 ton / ha measure of each
need, special for seeds.
Flat belts with roller bed or type
tubes with drive with
electric geared motors and stretchers
band, smooth or rough.
Optional with tripper trolley, covers for
outdoor use, safety protections,
reversible and mobile, variable speed drives
speed and with gravity stretchers.
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