Quienes Somos

Somos una empresa joven y dinámica, dedicada a satisfacer las necesidades del sector agroindustrial a través de la innovación tecnológica constante aplicada desde la última década del siglo XX.

Desde el principio, las pautas de Servicio al Cliente, Conducta, Responsabilidad, Profesionalismo y Trabajo esbozadas por su fundador, se incorporaron a toda la organización como un conjunto de estándares éticos, lo que hizo de LS Electromecánica SA una compañía distinguida por su alto concepto en Servicios, calidad, actualización tecnológica y desarrollo del capital humano.

Esto significa que estamos actualizados con aplicaciones y tecnologías de vanguardia.

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"Agregar valor" en el desarrollo de bienes y servicios tecnológicos con enfoque de compromiso, innovación y calidad, generando operaciones que contribuyan al crecimiento sostenido de la organización y sus partes relacionadas.
Liderar al 2025 el mercado de soluciones integrales en tratamiento y procesamiento de semillas y leguminosas en la región.
Compromiso: En nuestra gestión con todos los actores.
Innovación: Tecnológica y operativa.
Calidad: En los procesos y relaciones..
Nuestras Políticas
Management understands that if there was any resource that has highlighted us so far, that is the Human.

One of the main working conditions in our activity is the constant interrelation between employees at different levels of our organization, customers, suppliers and other related employees, in one way or another. Therefore, it is a priority that each member of the organization, regardless of their level, ensures that these relationships are maintained in an unbeatable state, presenting themselves correctly, treating others with all respect and integrity. 

All the activities carried out must generate Value and Stimulation, which require proactivity, in order to achieve professional and personal growth and development. We have established Knowledge as one of the main pillars to achieve the objectives, work on the Professionalization of our practices, generate growth opportunities for those involved, implement the Permanent Training and claim, day by day, Knowledge, as the main development resource.
In addition to being our legal responsibility, it is and will be a primary condition, the development of work safely and the protection of the environment. To achieve this goal, we work on the constant training, awareness and culture of our team on issues and practices that guarantee compliance with these premises. 
Each time a task is carried out, the corresponding risk analysis is taken as an essential step and a plan that includes actions and means to minimize them, achieving as an objective that the work is carried out without accidents or injuries, both for people and for people. for goods. 
The commitment is to implement the necessary means so that, with the application of what has been learned, this Objective is fulfilled. Promote and monitor the rational use of materials, supplies, energy and all kinds of resources that we must manage. This effort is reflected in the following:
LS ELECTROMECÁNICA SA Complies and certifies with level 3 of the National Labor Risk Law No. 24557, Chapter II, Articles No. 2, 3 and 4, on compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations, granted by ART Prevention , on January 28, 2005.
Note: Level 3 is the highest in Argentina.
The Management of LS Electromecánica SA, aware of the importance of satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, fostering mutually beneficial relationships with interested parties through a quality management system as an organizational pillar to ensure its internal processes and maintain the satisfaction of its customers.
For this, we will adopt a quality management system based on the requirements established by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, whose scope is:
"Manufacture of equipment for processing and treatment of seeds."
This Policy constitutes the framework to establish and review the objectives and goals aimed at obtaining the purposes proposed in it, considering it a strategic element for the operation of LS Electromecánica SA, based on the following principles:
  • To assure: that our activities comply with the legal, applicable and other requirements expressed by the different interested parties.
  • Foment: training and awareness, through training and / or communication with our employees, with our customers and suppliers. Creating an appropriate work environment for staff to get involved and commit to achieving the objectives proposed by LS Electromecánica.
  • Maintain and Improve: the effectiveness of the quality management system, promoting the constant incorporation of new technologies, manufacturing methods and a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.
  • To ensure: so that the continuous improvement of the quality management system, based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, is part of the daily activities.
LS Electromecánica's management is committed to developing the quality guidelines and to their periodic review.
It is the duty of each of us to maintain a continuous relationship with our Clients.
For this, it is necessary to ensure that the guidelines are clear, complying with the contracts, even with the agreements made verbally. Our commitment to Sales is not only to achieve Volume, but to limit the promises in negotiation stages, thus avoiding the disappointment of the Client by not being able to deliver what we promised. We know that it is not simple, especially when competing, but we also understand that it is one of the main reasons for breaking up with Customers. Act correctly and with good practices in the acquisition and purchase of Goods and Services, to obtain a Finished Product of Committed quality. Develop reliable suppliers that share our Policy and accompany us in fulfilling our commitments.
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